A Tape

Nicolas’ Tape

Side A)
(45s Side)

  1. Ray Charles: I’ve Got A Woman
  2. Jo Jo & The Outcast: Whole Lot Of Woman
  3. Sebastian Williams: Get Your Point Over
  4. Jobell & The Orchestre De Salsa: Never Gonna Let You Go
  5. Gi Gi: Daddy Love (Part 1)
  6. Jimmy Smith: Sag Shootin’ His Arrow
  7. Lalo Schifrin: Jim On The Move
  8. Sugar Pie DeSanto: Slip-In Mules
  9. Tyrone Davis: Is It Something You’ve Got
  10. Ted Robinson: Thing Called Love
  11. Don (Soul Train) Campbell: Campbell Lock
  12. Crystal Glass: Crystal World
  13. The Conservative: “Who Understands” – Part 1
  14. Chet ‘Poison’ Ivey: Shake A Poo Poo
  15. Sammy Brown: Vietnam (Son Of A Gun)
  16. Harold Melvin & The Blue Notes: Prayin’

Side B)

  1. Ray Bryant Trio: A Night In Tunesia
  2. Rita Graham: My Cup Runneth Over
  3. Jimmy McGriff: You’re The One
  4. Odell Brown: Respect
  5. Eartha Kitt: Let’s Do It
  6. Jimmy Smith: Goldfinger (Part 1 & 2)
  7. James Moody: I’ve Got The Blues
  8. Paul Anka: Wonderwall
  9. Jimmy Smith: If You Ain’t Got It
  10. The Art Farmer Quintett: The Sidewinder
  11. Wild Bill Davis: Hit The Road Jack
  12. Rita Graham: Charade
  13. Ray Bryant Trio: In A Mellow Tone

(as I came back from a trip to London I did bring some new records and since the saying goes “if you got it , flaunt it”, I made a little tape for my dear friend Nicolas. cause he is very appreciative of good music….)