HipHop News from deep within the crates

  • a)
    1. Showbiz & AG: Silence Of The Lambs
    2. Yomo & Maulkie: Glory
    3. CPO: The Movement
    4. Capital Tax: I Can’t believe It (G’s Jazz Mix)
    5. 3rd Bass: Product Of The Enviroment (Project Remix)
    6. Madkap: Proof Is In The Puddin’ (Proof Remix)
    7. Organized Konfusion: Stress (Remix)
    8. Organized Konfusion: Keep It Comin’
    9. Gamilah Shabazz: America Is Living In A Warzone
    10. Kool G Rap & DJ Polo: Bad To The Bone (Street Remix)
    11. Da King & I: Krak Da Weazel
  • b)
    1. Black Sheep: Still In The Ghetto
    2. Da King & I: Fli Da Script (Remix)
    3. Chi Ali: Roadrunner (Puberty Version)
    4. The Coup: Dig It
    5. Chubb Rock: Yabadabado
    6. Grand Daddy I.U.: Something New
    7. Big Daddy Kane: Warm It Up
    8. Del: Made In America (Del’s Mix)
    9. MC Duke: Miracles
    10. Def Jef: Phunky Az Phuck

(this is Marco’s tape. it’s all original 12″s and no reissues, no bootlegs or even download bullshit. yes, I’m a little tired of the anti-digging movement, if you know what I mean. this is dope on wax!!!)