Ghostface Killah: “Fishscale”

-to all you Heavy Metal fans: be very very happy! because in your “Music World” there is no such thing as a single, with which a record company tries to sell your album. with Heavy Metal it’s very easy. the album either sucks or rocks. no such things as fillers between the three hit singles or a lead off single for the radio that has nothing to do with what the album actually sounds like. take Ghostface Killah for example. this is a good album, probably even a very good album. but why team up with Ne-Yo (yes, the almost hottest thing in R&B right now)for “Back Like That”? for the radio! and without the singing it would probably been one of the hottest tracks on that LP. fortunatly I don’t care enough to skip the whole thing, because with “Milli Bros” featuring Wu-Tang Clan and “Jellyfish” to name two there is some very nice material on this album.