Masta Killa: “Made In Brooklyn”

-now every member of the Wu-Tang has at least two Solo-LPs out there. and as I was very happy with Masta Killa’s “No Said Date” (including the chance to interview this very humble and cool Wu-member) I was curious for this one. production by Bronze Nazareth, MF Doom and Pete Rock besides others. now this one’s something for more mature HipHop-heads as it has tunes without hooks (that is possible my dear clubgoers) and a tendency to sound like something from the good old days. also the whole rest of the Wu-Tang is spread over the album and there is a reggae/lovers rock tune as well (“Lovely Lady”). a little misstep is the singing on “Let’s Get Into Something”. it just sounds unneccessary to me. but check the Pete Rock instrumental for “Older Gods Part 2″. man, how he chopped up those horns and the beat almost sounds like Primo’s. so to all of you who appreciate the new schoolish flavour of simplicity: this one’s for you! check “Ringing Bells” and “Brooklyn King”-