Final Element: “Da Coming (Da Alpha)”

-now this is the first cd ever sold to me on the streets. I was walking around in Soho last week and a guy comes to me and raves about this (and shows me a magazine giving this cd the same high rating as Lloyd Banks’ and Jadakiss’ last releases, which made me say: “I hope the album is better than theirs even though!?’ which he left uncommented), and since he was doing a good job I bought it. It features some original material and some remarkable freestyles over beats by Jay-Z (“Changes Clothes” becomes the nice “Change Flows”) and others. Three pounds for 16 tracks that be the start of a nice career, and you can take part in launching that! So if you meet a guy in London asking if you want to buy this, do it! Plainly wrapped as they spend the money on the music. It makes me expect big things from Final Element, as they go independent to create a buzz! So support them. Their website is; go there and order a copy to support good british hiphop! And that’s my word!-