Homeliss Derilex: “HD’S -VS- THE SP-1200″

-now Homeliss Derilex go quite a way back. I bought their (maybe first) 12″ “Cash Money” years ago and it was especially the B-side “Operations” that became a favourite. Their production is very “1989-1991″, sample-heavy and jazzy in it’s own right. then I found another 12″ a few years later called “Fevea” with two further tracks and some bonus beats on it. again, a very solid recording. and now, finally, some sort of album. as it turns out though, this is kind of a mixtape; 14 tracks in about 34 minutes. still it is really good, relying on that same feel as “Cash Money” and filled with surprising musical elements and some clever rhymes. check out “Benson & Hedges”, “Church On Sunday” and “Word To The Third”. I like that. there is no vinyl version yet though. and that’s just mean!-