Nina Simone: “The Soul Of Nina Simone”

-now this is a so-called “Dual Disc” meaning a CD and a DVD at once (just flip that thing over). the CD is a “Best Of” (much too short with 15 tracks only!) including “Feeling Good”, “In The Dark” and of course “My Baby Just Cares For Me”. The DVD has some Live Footage from her first appearence on the Ed O’Sullivan Show, the Harlem Festival and Live at The Bitter End. especially the O’Sullivan Show bit makes me a little sick though. not because of Nina Simone’s performance (that is EXCELLENT!!!), but because you have all those white folks watching her play and applauding her, but back then they wouldn’t let her use the same bathroom and those same people would’ve put her in the back of a bus. a documentary on fine music and some sick times.-