The Wascals: “Greatest Hits”

-originally produced and put together in the early 90’s it is now reissued, that one and only Wascals album. if you like “The Bizarre Ride…” by The Pharcyde you will dig this for sure. playful, sample-heavy fun HipHop. of course they had their deal with Delicious Vinyl as The Pharcyde did and yes there is a track featuring Fatlip. a whole lotta fun including the usual sex-songs (“Doggy Style”, “Bootie Rap”) and school stories (“Class Clown”), even though my favourites are “Stole The Show” and the very very Pharcyde-esque “The Dips”. this was a single by the way. the reissue comes with some bonus versions and all instrumentals + two videos. to me: essential!-