Nightshift Playlist

well, an excerpt from tonight’s Nightshift at the 2Raumlounge, Bremen

Sputnik Brown: U Having Fun Yet?
Method Man: Make Ups 2 Break Ups
Osaka Monaurail: It’s Her Thing
Willie Wright: Right On For The Darkness
Jungle Brothers: Brain
Aretha Franklin: One Step Ahead
Alicia Keys: If I Ain’t Got You Part 2
Visionaries: If You Can’t Say Love
One G Plus Three: Summer Time
Pieces Of Peace: Yesterday’s Visions
Eddie Jacobs Experience: Pull My Coat
Davina: So Good
Talib Kweli: Good To You
Al Green: I’m Glad You’re Mine
James Brown: Hot Pants
Eric B & Rakim: Everything’s Cool
The Brand New Heavies: Gimme One Of Those
Ernie Hawkes: Souful Trip
Termanology: So Amazing
Big Shug: Play It
Mary J Blige: I Love You (Remix)
Smokey Johnson: It Ain’t My Fault Pt.1

(an excerpt, so to speak)