Ohmega Watts: “Watts Happening”

-“Introducing to a level of ‘Fresh’ that you’ve been missin’ hard” says Ohmega Watts in the very first verse of his new album. And fresh is what it is is what it is!!! Recommende to me by my dear friend Marco and then also by my dear friend Jan I gave in and bought me this fine piece of HipHop. I knew Ohmega’s stuff before but had my focus somewhere else I guess. highly recommended for people who like, well, fresh HipHop (and probably remember the times when “Fresh” was the word!). and just listen to Soul-Queen Sugar Pie DeSanto take it back to the 60s on “Are You Satisfied?”. now that’s what I call a well done cameo. I envy Ohmega for the opportunity to work with whoever you favor. other guests include Jneiro Janel, Surreal of the Sound Providers and Lightheaded to name a few.-