Rakim: “The Archives Live, Lost and Found”

-a CD+DVD thing with four new studio tracks and 18 live tracks from a perfomance in New York some while ago. and of course there are almost all the classics included. unfortunately, as with alot of HipHop-Live things the artist is sometimes (here most of the time) rapping over the vocal-version of his record. I find that quite irretating most of the time. although I have to admit that when I saw Public Enemy live again and again it never bothered me when they played (as their live shows are amazing), only when I heard a recording or saw live footage. now the DVD here is such footahe and again I am not sure what to think of it. but I know that this is collector’s material as Rakim is also telling you alot about himself in that concert. and out of the four new tracks two I really like a lot. so go and be a collector!-