Speedometer: “No Man Worries (Remix) / The Real Me (Remix)”

– now this one was remixed by DJ Format and my personal favourite is the version of “The Real Me”. on both sides he took some of your (and probably his) favourite samples and built a new instrumental for each of the tracks. and even the theme is on James Brown productions (“Funky Drummer” on the a-side for example) it is the variety of classic sounds from a more wide range of productions: Vicky Anderson, Cymande and my favourite Al Green tune “I’m Glad You’re Mine” to name three of them. but actually the most important thing about these two remixes is that THEY ARE IN TUNE with the original vocals. a little very important thing to many of you blend-djs don’t care for or don’t know about. it’s simple: use your ears. as did DJ Format, who hereby made sure I smile today. thank you, sir!-