Various : “Welcome To The Party”

-every now and then Jazzman Records put out a CD-compilation with a taste of their vinyl-reissues of the last couple of months. those familiar with the label know about their proper reissue-policy. and even though I recommend to buy their 45 series (as well as the releases on their spinoff Funk 45), it is very nice to get a taste of the Jazzman sound on CD as well. especially for those (for whatever reason…) who don’t own a record-player anymore. and as this compilation sereies is always only giving a taste, you should consider to get yourself a turntable soon! however, this compilation features some really nice rare tunes and favourites of mine: the title track is a percussion-heavy afro-latin stomper, followed by the beautiful Jazz-Dancer “Baby You’re A Jive Cat” by Sheila Wilkerson. a sure shot-compilation this is. the only thing that bothers me a little is that there is a little overlapping with some other compilations that Jazzman put out on CD already. on the other hand, a) this is giving you a tease to get the other compilations anyway and b) considering the effort they go through to have proper license for every single tune, why not make the most of it. so enjoy thei journey into jazzy, latin, funky and soulful stuff. and get a recordplayer, damn it-