E.C. Illa: “Ill At Will EP”

– a recent sale-box find, originally released in 2000. E.C. Illa started releasing stuff in 1993 but up to a couple of days ago I had never heard of him. this EP on Mob City Records is good altogether and features two standout tracks. one is the last track on side b “On Ill”, where the beat and even the rhyming is quite reminiscent of early Hieroglyphics, and the other one is the excellent “Ill At Will” featuring D. Villa (a female MC that seems to have only appeared on this EP), Rasco and Planet Asia, with a beat by Fanatik that could’ve made the first Pete Rock solo-LP. and I draw these comparisons to make you see how good I think this is. will be played at my new radioshow “Home Diggin'” as a reminder to always keep an eye on the Sale section in good recordstores. there’s always diamonds in the rough-