Laura Vane & The Vipertones : “Laura Vane & The Vipertones”

-new funk and soul from a new collective of experienced musicians. and their debut is an extremely enjoyable album with Northern Soul-tunes like “Am I Dreaming” as well as funky stompers like “Roof Off” and “Mean Lover”. my favourite is “Good Morning”, a fast tune, that (to me) combines the best of those two worlds; and not to forget the beautiful ballad “No Words”. when I heard the album first it was played to me by Unique Records’ Henry Storch while I was driving his car back from a The Sweet Vandals show in cologne and with every tune I asked when that was gonna be a 45, PLEASE. the singing is great, the rhythm is driving, the horn section is tight, all this makes for a great new “old” album. I don’t know why Laura Vane isn’t a huge star yet but maybe this is the next step then. production by Diesler (Tru Thoughts) with Phil Martin and Ton van der Kolk (of Social Beats/Soul Snatchers/Jazzinvaders fame) make this very original but deeply rooted in 60’s sound. a very well rounded soulful album. so take a listen and get your copy!-