Talib Kweli + Hi-Tek are Reflection Eternal: “Revolutions Per Minute”

-so finally they are back on a full-length album. and I find Revolutions Per Minute to be a very well done HipHop-affair that longtime fans should be able to enjoy as well as new found listeners. it’s no-skip-listen beginning to end with a new version of the sound they’ve established on their first album “Train Of Thought”. what pisses me off though is that the price for the double-lp is for no obvious reason absolutely too high. record companies complain abiĆ³ut poor sales?! then stop f*cking around with your most loyal supporters (WE ACTUALLY BUY THE MUSIC!!!), seriously. there is no reason to have this LP cost more for the shops already than a LP usually costs for the people who buy it IN the shop. I can’t understand why the buying paying devoted musiclover gets treated without any respect here. in this case, Warner Brothers, I feel like downloading whatever you don’t put on vinyl illegally and spread it free of cost to anyone who wants it. because this is not the first time you rob me and I want some of my money back!!! now, where was I… yeah, this LP is good and worth buying, and if you meet anyone responsible for idiocrasy in the recordbiz tell him/her I’ll come around someday to discuss it-