Chi-Ali: “The Fabolous Chi-Ali”

-it was 1992 when this hiphop-kid wonder entered the scene with a full length album that featured a number of high-profile rapcats from that time: Dres and Mr Lawnge from Black Sheep, Trugoy from De La Soul, Phife from A Tribe Called Quest adn Fashion from The Beatnuts, who also produced the whole thing. years later he would be wanted for murder, but on this LP he is a promising rap-pre-teen (who would have quite a deeper voice on a later released 12″ from this album where a track was re-recorded for a remix). the original LP is single vinyl, and there is a very unofficial re-release on double-lp. and I am letting you know because I am just listening to the LP now. and it has everything that is good about Hip Hop: great sampling, some nice cuts, great raps and a little bit of that funny braggadocio-