Diazpora: “Raw Meat / Song 2″

-so I took the freedom to produce another 45 for my label Our Label Records (founded in 2005 with my brother) with Hamburg’s very own Diazpora. My brother brought them to my attention in 2011 and soon suggested we should see if we could release some of their material. And so I brought a little groove that should turn out to become “Raw Meat” to the studio session. We did two takes and on this 7″ it is take 1. What a brilliant band! For our version of Blur’s “Song 2″ we asked local singer Nora Kinga Becker to lay down some soulful vocals (and you may hear me on the background vocals in the chorus if you listen very very carefully…). What a great 45 these people created, with a little help from yours truly :) -