No. 130 : The Hip Hop ABC’s Part 3 – 06.03.13

Gagle – ??????
Gang Starr – Suckaz Need Bodyguards
Spoonie Gee – All Shook Up
Get Open – Here & Now
Ghostface Killah featuring Method Man & Street Life – Box In Hand
The Goats – R U Down?
Grand Puba – Ya Know How It Goes
Group Therapy – East Coast / West Coast Killa (Home Diggin’ Remix Version)
Guilty Simpson – It’s A Man’s World
Gumbo – A Free Soul (Marley Marl Remix)
Hakeem X – Hip-Hop Reborn
Hard Knocks – A Dirty Cop Named Harry
Heather B. – I Get Wrecked
Hell Razah featuring Talib Kweli & MF Doom – Project Jazz
The Herbaliser featuring What What – The Blends
Hieroglyphics – You Never Knew
Hijack – Doomsday Of Rap
Hi-Tek featuring Cormega & Jonell – All I Want Is You
Homeliss Derilex – Cash Money
Hurricane G featuring Busta Rhymes – Far Away
Hyenas In The Desert – Hyenas In The Desert
I Am – Planete Mars
Ice Cube – Amerikkka’s Most wanted
Ice-T – O.G.
Illacoin featuring Sadat X – Keep It Street
Immortal Technique featuring Mos Def – Bin Laden
INI featuring Q-Tip – To Each His Own
Isis – The Wizard Of Optics