No. 152 : Shopping Bag and Research Files – 23.04.14

Warpath – Single Verse Feature
Big Connie – Mumbles Blues
Ray Frazier and The Shades Of Madness – I Who Have Nothing
Lee Harris – Lookin’ Good
The Fabulous Rhythm Makers – Ya Gotta Be Doing It
Molecules & Showbiz – Revenge
Dag Savage – Wine & Cheese
Gensu Dean featuring Miss A – Runnin’ Me Down
Monica – Chauffeur
Ray Frazier and The Shades Of Madness – Push And Pull
Monica – Hold On I’m Coming
Ray Frazier and The Shades Of Madness – Baby Hold My Hand
Reks – Regrets
Group Home – Livin’ Proof
Freedonia – Beggin’ You
Instrumental Break
Lil’ Dap – Code Of Silence
Raekwon featuring Cappadonna – 10 Bricks
Bush Babees – Remember We
Everyday People – Super Black
Tear Drops – I’m Gonna Get You
The Heliocentrics featuring Guilty Simpson – Before I Die
The Heliocentrics featuring Vast Aire – Sirius B
The Heliocentrics featuring Percee P & Doom – Distant Star
Eloquent & Warpath – Levels Of Pain
Eloquent & Warpath – The Great Flood
A Tribe Called Quest featuring Ron Carter and Vinia Mojica – Verses From The Abstract
Ugly Duckling – I Did It Like This
The Eliminators – Give It up
Floyd Dakil Combo – Dance, Franny, Dance
Nikki Hill – I’ve Got A Man
Eloquent & Warpath – Schwarzer Tumor
Joe Pass – Nobody Else But me