Osaka Monaurail: -various-

-and there goes the second lot of Osaka Monaurail 45s. first of two is their version of James Brown’s “Mind Power” split in two parts over two sides. a little faster than the original and a nice one. the second one is “Double-Up, Now”, which is a crazy. in a good way. it starts with as a swinging uptempo tune and after about a minute it’s suddenly this deep funky thing for quite a bit just to go back to the swinging again to end things off nicely. not many could pull this off with such excellence. hats off! one of my favourite’s already-
Fred & The New J.B.’s: “Breakin’ Bread”
-one of my favourites from Fred and a good one to start the show. funky of course and usually well received by crowds, actually, if they don’t like this one, just pack up and leave the club!-