Spam Allstars: “Ochimini”

-this 12″ is what I was looking for eversince I heard “Ochimini” on their myspace-site. very nice midtempo Latin-Funk for the dancefloor. a deep groove with nice percussion, nice vocals, a very nice horn-arrangement, and very nice flute playing. it keeps going like this with “Basheer’s Dream” which picks up the tempo and delivers the same top quality. on the b-side (yes, there’s more!) “Perfume De Heliotropo” serves a different mood as it is a little more laidback and atmospheric in a soundtracky kind of way. it’s a sunset-tune to me, and has a very well done steady climax to it (added percussion etc) before it releases you softly into the night. the final track “El Aguafiesta” shows you the modern ways of the Spam Alstars by adding a breakbeat in between and bringing the Scratching of DJ LeSpam in it’s funky groove. so I will play the a-side tracks in the primetime, chill-out with “”Perfume De Heliotropo” and put “El Aguafiesta” on mixtapes to surprise people with it’s variety. go and check The Spam Allstars! -