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gu |goō|, the;
human being, first discovered in 1974; can be found singing, playing instruments, djing vinyl, writing music and/or about life, relations and music; developed a habit of spreading funky music on vinyl via Our Label Records; writes a column for Enlace Funk Magazine; featured regularly on the club nights Urban Jazz Groove and Juke Joint Music; partly involved in the music groups The Undecided, Yankee Sandwich, Alder Ego and temporary projects of all sort; shares his record-collection on his weekly radioprogram Home Diggin'; associated with Keb Darge, Henry Storch, Nia Saw, The Sweet Vandals, Jazzman Gerald, The New Mastersounds, Osaka Monaurail, Diesler, Andy Smith, Guy Hennigan, Smoove and others; developed addictive tendencies when it comes to shopping for recorded music, especially vinyl; believes in love, life and respect.

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Alder Ego (Rap Group)
Home Diggin' (Radioshow)
Juke Joint Music (Clubnight)
Urban Jazz Groove (Clubnight)
The Undecided (Punkrock Group)
Our Label Records (Vinyl Output)
Yankee Sandwich (Punkrock Group)