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-funk, soul, jazz, hiphop-

Every wednesday
22h (CET)

Every friday
23h (CET)
stream: Radio Free Brooklyn


Bring Dancing shoes….

Sorry We’re Closed LIVE

Di., 11.08.17
22h, Luna, Kiel

Frock Festival DJ Set

Fr., 02.09.17
-soul, jazz, funk, hiphop-
20:30h, Frock, Kiel

Our Label Record Table

Di., 05.09.17
-funk, soul, jazz, hiphop VINYL SALE-
15h, MUM&DAD, Kiel

10 Years Reggae Twins Weekender

Fr., 08.09.17
-soul, reggae-
21h, Medusa, Kiel

Tapeinvader Release Party

Sa., 16.09.17
-funk, soul, jazz, hiphop + VINYL SALE-
19h, MUM&DAD, Kiel

Bremen Zwei Yeah Yeah Club

Gu & Jens Mahlstedt
Fr., 13.10.17
-soul, disco, funk, hiphop-
23h, Noon, Bremen

Gu – Bar Session

Sa., 18.11.17
-funk, soul, jazz, hiphop-
21h, MUM&DAD, Kiel


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Interview and Podcast

Check an interview and podcast with Gu
about Our Label Records and music as such:

One Take Tapes Gu Interview
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