Sounds Of The Day

there you go:

Talib Kweli: Listen
Public Enemy: Harder Than You Think
Run DMC: You Be Illin’
DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince: Brand New Funk
Ultramagnetic MC’s: Watch Me Now
Method Man: Release Yo Delf
Mobb Deep: Cobra
King Sun: Big Shot
LA Star: Fade To Black
UMC’s: Blue Cheese
Above The Law: Untouchable
Master Ace: Music Man
Digital Underground: Wassup With The Love
Donald D: Let The Horns Blow
Kool G Rap & DJ Polo: It’s A Demo
OC: The Professional
NWA: 100 Miles & Runnin’
The Fugees: Cowboys
Busta Rhymes: Watch Ya Mouth
EPMD: Blow
Bobcat: Linda
LL Cool J: The Boomin’ System
DMX: Ruff Ryders Anthem
LL Cool J: I Shot Ya (Remix)
A Tribe Called Quest: Rock Rock Ya’ll
Xzibit: Paparazzi
Dr Dre: East Coast West Coast Killa
Little Brother: The Get Up

(it’s a HipHop day today…..)