Various: “Dance The Latin…”

-actually, it is “Dance The Latin… Soul Jazz Funk” and the tunes combined here on a CD were previously released on three 3×45 sets under one of the beforementioned genre-subtitle. and ys I bought all the vinyl-sets and now the CD as well, because that stuff is so darn good. and it is always the right thing to support somebody like Jazzman Gerald. all hail to enthusiasm. now, to the tunes: you have some of the well-known artists like Tito Puente, Mongo Santamaria, Joe Bataan and Ray Barretto with some rather rare and some rather popular tunes, you have some popular tunes by lesser known artists like “Fever” by La Lupe, “I Got The Feeling By Chollo, and “Tighten Up” by Al Escobar. my favourite tune in all these great ones is “Use It Before You Lose it” by Bobby Valentin, simply because my dear friend Fox goes totally crazy when I play it. altogether 18 tracks and well written linernotes that should make anybody with an open ear and mind more than happy. get your latin studies on!-