The Bamboos: “Side-Stepper”

-firstofall it is unusual that the album title is written with a “-” on the back and frontcover but without it on the side. odd, but probably not that imortant to anyone but me (and my nerdish friend marco). and as most (or maybe all) Tru Thoughts lp’s these days it comes with the whole thing on cd included, which I think is a cool thing to do for all those iPod etc users who love vinyl. now, on to the music: as a few members of the “new” funk scene The Bamboos also have a few Northern Soul-sounds incorporated alongside their funky compositions on “The Side-Stepper”. the uptempo instrumental “Nightsport” as well as “Tears Cried” featuring Kyle Auldist for example. and these excursions are well done, no doubt. my personal favourite though is “Can’t help Myself” featuring the always incredible UK-MC Ty and his clever rhymes and quick delivery. an album above average for sure altogether. I just don’t fancy their version of “Amen Brother” though. that should always stay a The Winstons classic, and untouchable at that-