Substantial: “Follow The Master/Cool Mornings”

-so, I am restarting my recordpurchase blog (when I started, the word “blog” didn’t really exist in this kind of context) with a record I did not really puchase, well, actually, I purchased all copies existing. and that is 500. that is because it is released on a label run by my brother and me. but enough about technicalities, let’s talk music.
“Follow The Master” is the first release on ORIGU, and it’s fresh rhymes and upbeat funky ways should catch the attention of hiphop-fans more and more over these weeks. I first heard it as part of the “The Past” EP released digitally by Substantial in April 2015. I had been sent a promo-track of that EP and upon first listen, I knew I wanted and needed to hear “Follow The Master” from a 45. During an interview with Substantial for my radioshow Home Diggin’ I started alluding my plans just to find him very much on board for the idea. A B-Side was taken from the following EP “Is Always”. “Cool Mornings” featuring Deborah Morgan just sounded like the perfect flip, with its mellow groove and soulful chorus. you can have a listen at -