Termanology: “Politics As Usual”

-pros and cons on this album. let’s start with some pros (and check my pun…): the productions by Pete Rock and DJ Premier, as well as Havoc, Large Professor and Nottz. Especially Pete Rock joins in with an excellent chorus for “We Killin’ Ourselves”, which overall proves something that Termanology announces in his lyrics right away on the first cut “Watch How It Go Down”. he talks about inspiring people to positive things. unfortunately he sometimes falls a little short of inspiration when concentrates on how he’s the greatest, a dangerous man and especially when he talks how he’ll never stay with one lady or how smokin’ weed is quite neccessary. and he claims to be the greatest lyricist maybe one or two times too many, especially since his delivery is always sharp but his vocabulary seems limited now and then. best cuts are the already 12″ “So Amazing”, the mentioned “We Killin’ Ourselves” and the soon 12″ “How We Rock” featuring Bun B. so I like the album, but I’d rather listen to it one cut at a time-