No. 133 : Highlight My Heroes – 10.04.13

AMG – Dog From Around The Way
Public Enemy featuring Brother Ali – Get Up Stand Up
Public Enemy – (resPEct)/Spit Your Mind (Part 1)
Lady – Money
Rhonda – Take It Back
MC Serch – Puff the Head
The Yum Yums – Gonna Be A Big Thing
The Predictions – If This Is Love (I’d Rather Be Lonely)
The Vanguards – I Can’t Use You Girl
James Brown And His Famous Flames – Fine Old Foxy Self
Lyn Collins – Think (‘Bout It)
Bobby Byrd – If You Got A Love You Better (Hold On To It)
Eric B. & Rakim – Set ‘em Straight
Public Enemy featuring Bumpy Knuckles – Get It In
James Brown At The Organ And Orchestra – Who’s Afraid Of Virginia Wolf
Public Enemy featuring Cormega & Large Professor – Catch The Throne
Public Enemy – ICEbreaker
Bobby Byrd – Hot Pants – I’m Coming, I’m Coming, I’m Coming
Vicki Anderson – In The Land Of Milk And Honey
Marva Whitney – What Do I Have To Do To Prove My Love For You
James Brown And His Famous Flames – Think
MC Breed – Sister And Brother
Public Enemy – Don’t Give Up The Fight
Bobby Byrd – Hang It Up
Shirley Jean And The Relations – If I’d Had A Man Like You
Osaka Monaurail – Groovy, Groovy, Groovy (Part 2)
Rhonda – Come With Me
Bobby Byrd – Sayin’ And Doin’ It Are Two Different Things
James Brown And His Famous Flames – There Must Be A Reason
Public Enemy – Say It like It Really Is

Thanks to Public Enemy and James Brown!!!